Launching our very first product!

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Hooah, we are almost there. Ready to launch our very first lovely product to have SMART meetings. Bare with us for the next couple of days.   We planned before the end of February 2017 to share the first beta.     Feel free to contact us to participate in the beta program. Meet SMART […]

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How to build a ConferenceCube MVP

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What to do as software product management during a startup phase? Hmmmm, the first assumption was to define the end-user product. That seems logical, so it must be true, but it’s not. Consultancy talks about MVP’s, so it’s logical to define your MVP. Second assumption, MVP is a well known and well defined subset of […]

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Already well engineered hardware

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We have started working on the investigation of sound quality and recordings for our lovely ConferenceCube. How can we optimize the quality of our sound recordings without having an over 200 person R&D department in this ‘early’ phase of our project?   We at CCube HQ are convinced we should not put effort in competing […]

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Smart pairing your Cube!

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We @ConferenceCube continuously improve our ConferenceCube to meet our Cubers requirements and wishes. For that reason we have focused on Smart pairing with our Cubes, as you only have to pair once. When the Cube is placed within the meeting room and the participants are joining the session, pairing is done within the blink of […]

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Voiceprint what if…

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And it always strikes me as childish logic. It’s like ‘what if we can determine Cubers by their voice?’. We can skip the camera! So let’s assume we can create a algorithm based on …. voice print of a human! Definition for the Cubers: Voice Print: A digitally recorded sample of a Cuber’s voice to […]

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