How to build a ConferenceCube MVP

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What to do as software product management during a startup phase? Hmmmm, the first assumption was to define the end-user product. That seems logical, so it must be true, but it’s not. Consultancy talks about MVP’s, so it’s logical to define your MVP. Second assumption, MVP is a well known and well defined subset of […]

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Co-creating with our Cubers

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Co-creation is not only a relevant marketing term within the IT business as of today. We @ CCube really believe in creating lovely products together with our Cubers. Actually we believe our Cubers are the only insurance we have in delivering quality products. That means you as a Cuber should let us know what we can improve. […]

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User Interface design for Cubers

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User interfaces can make or break product introductions even overall success. In the end, products are judged by the look and feel. Many articles are written about great UI designs. We @ConferenceCube think a great UI design it’s all about helping our cubers navigate through meetings. While the look and feel is undeniably important, at the […]

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