ConferenceCube goes NoOps!

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Our focus is to deliver great quality software by three really important foundations, being: Trust, Trust & Trust!

Trust in our Cloud partner Amazon Web Services

We trust our partners in what they do. Web Services is what they do best, including protection against hackers / ddos attacks and security risks.

Trust in our Code Guru’s knowing what they do, including thinking about performance and availability in an early stage

Trust in what we want to achieve without Operations!

We automate everything!! From dynamically scaling servers behind the LB to getting code into production based on the outcome of the automated test suites.

Doing DevOps actually means that you don’t want Developers to focus on what is going on in production, while we think it is possible to train developers in doing Development and Operations together. We have noticed when developing with an Performance & Availability awareness hat on, we ARE able to deliver great quality products which needs minimum maintenance. Also, whenever we are having incidents who can solve this quicker than developers already having the code running in an background process while analyzing the problems.

Just have faith in your hosting partner, your Code Guru’s and in what you want to achieve and stick to that! So, what is the point in doing DevOps when you can do NoOps!?

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