ConferenceCube Roadmap 2016-2017

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We are dedicated creating a state-of-the-art piece of software for recording your meetings! During this summer we will deliver our first product. We are also determined to show the world our Cube, but… not now. Patience, please. We expect to have our beta program running by the end of August, early September.


Next on our delivery list is, of course, the notification center. You will find our new User Interface compelling enough to mark the Todo’s, Remarks and Decisions. If we have done our work, and yes we have hired an UX designer, the meta information of your recorded meeting is easily and safely stored. Our notification center will guide you in this collaboration workflow. You can even share your meeting minutes and meta with other Cubers. How about that?


Based on the current reactions we expect to onboard new Cubers on our software platform no later than Oktober 2016! Based on the first usage statistics of the Chrome web application we will be offering iOS and Android apps as well. We will focus primarily on the aspect of excellent sound recording quality and meeting minute enrichments. But you’re in charge! Let us know what you expect, we build for our Cubers!


What’s next? We have planned to start building our voiceprint and voice algorithms during Q4. It’s hard work, with a lot of challenges. The easy part is the device, right? Maybe, but we expect to enroll the first thousand pieces next year!


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