How to build a ConferenceCube MVP

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What to do as software product management during a startup phase? Hmmmm, the first assumption was to define the end-user product. That seems logical, so it must be true, but it’s not. Consultancy talks about MVP’s, so it’s logical to define your MVP. Second assumption, MVP is a well known and well defined subset of actions, preferable descripted in a simple project plan. Wrong again! So let’s start with the Wiki definition:  “A minimum viable product has just those core features sufficient to deploy the product, and no more.”


For our Cubers we would like to deliver, as soon as possible the ability to record their meeting and store it for enabling their workflow. Having said that, we mean real recording of meeting data including minutes notes inside a cross platform supported web page. We picked… Chrome. Also we utilized the Google’s initiative WebRTC library. So a recording client seems matter of days while the used components were pretty well documented. Our synchronization architecture supported the idea as well, so let’s go! Where is the Beta? Alpha? Demo?


Nope, none of the above. Pretty frustrated if you look at the opportunity but a minimum viable product is more than just copy pasting code and publishing pre-demo quality. Apart from that we missed the requirements to define the core features. Fact: you will lose yourself in development of useless screens, building big decision criteria for trivial coding. For our MVP the non-trivial features are a web-based client supporting data capturing and storage combined with some meta tagging like ToDo, Remarks and Decisions. Crystal Clear stuff, right?



Why is this MVP phase so hard? Let’s Go Cubers, demand your MVP today…


Thx to the people from ENVOC for the beautiful graphics.

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