Free voice-to-text transcripts ready to download!

Posted by | juni 20

Awesome news, via the new version of ConferenceCube ( web ) our Cubers will be able to use the Voice-to-text functionality. Get free transcripts out of your daily meetings to make sure you don’t lose time having SMART meetings! Our team worked really really hard with a team of HP and IBM to make sure […]

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Launching our very first product!

Posted by | februari 12

Hooah, we are almost there. Ready to launch our very first lovely product to have SMART meetings. Bare with us for the next couple of days.   We planned before the end of February 2017 to share the first beta.     Feel free to contact us to participate in the beta program. Meet SMART […]

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‘s Heerenloo early feedback session!

Posted by | december 8

In 1891, the 9-year-old Geurt was the first child at ‘s Heeren Loo in Ermelo. Nowadays more than 10,000 children and adults with intellectual disabilities across the country receive healthcare and support of the ‘s Heeren Loo company. This 125 year old company is investigating ways for having/maintaining a clean-desk policy. Also, ‘s Heeren Loo wants to […]

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“Voice-To-Text” collaboration paper with Universiteit Utrecht

Posted by | september 16

We are happy to announce the University of Utrecht joined the ConferenceCube mission in delivering SMART meetings to the world.   ConferenceCubeHQ will share knowledge with the UU specifically on Voice-To-Text algorithms and best-practices. This will result in even better software and possibilities for our customers. With special thanks to Professor P. de Waal of the Universiteit Utrecht and […]

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How to build a ConferenceCube MVP

Posted by | september 5

What to do as software product management during a startup phase? Hmmmm, the first assumption was to define the end-user product. That seems logical, so it must be true, but it’s not. Consultancy talks about MVP’s, so it’s logical to define your MVP. Second assumption, MVP is a well known and well defined subset of […]

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ConferenceCube Roadmap 2016-2017

Posted by | september 4

We are dedicated creating a state-of-the-art piece of software for recording your meetings! During this summer we will deliver our first product. We are also determined to show the world our Cube, but… not now. Patience, please. We expect to have our beta program running by the end of August, early September.   Next on […]

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ConferenceCube goes NoOps!

Posted by | mei 20

Our focus is to deliver great quality software by three really important foundations, being: Trust, Trust & Trust! Trust in our Cloud partner Amazon Web Services We trust our partners in what they do. Web Services is what they do best, including protection against hackers / ddos attacks and security risks. Trust in our Code […]

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ConferenceCube code expands

Posted by | april 17

We have recently doubled the coding capacity of our ConferenceCode Guru’s to work on our lovely product.   As a result the GIT repository is getting filled up with awesome code that will be used to fulfil our global mission of delivering SMART meetings all over the world.   Find a quick preview below of the lines […]

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ConferenceCube is scaling its development!

Posted by | maart 6

Last week we scaled our development for creating the high quality software behind the ConferenceCube product. To scale our development we needed to transfer the information from our HQ to the code guru’s, that joined the session.   Three code guru teams are working on several projects, creating one big software delivery, required for getting the […]

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Take control over your agenda!

Posted by | februari 1

Good afternoon Cubers! We are currently working on our software development of bringing our ConferenceCube application to live. Next to that we have done some thinking about how we can let our Cubers, already with our app, take control of their agenda’s. Here are our advices based on our experience: 1. No MAS!  MAS stands […]

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