ConferenceCube in top 3 finalists of the MKB IDEE 2015 award!

Posted by | november 20

Hooah Cubers! Another victory on the ConferenceCube HQ front! We became one of the top 3 finalists and will be participating in the live pitches on the ‘Week of the Entrepreneur’ at the end of November. We are preparing for our pitch of only one minute and are really looking forward to the event and to […]

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Thank you for the votes!

Posted by | november 13

  Good evening Cubers! Thank you for all the votes on the website! We became 3rd based on your votes! We are really happy with the result and are looking forward to the future steps we are going to take! Off course we will keep everyone posted about the progress. From the ConferenceCube HQ, have […]

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ConferenceCube nominated for the MKB IDEE 2015 award!

Posted by | september 24

Dear Cubers,   Just as our award-winning video for the launch of our concept on kickstarter, our idea was observed by MKB IDEE. MKB IDEE is a Dutch company observing smart innovative start-ups within the Netherlands. They are having an election for the entrepreneur with the smartest application of ICT in SME.   We @ConferenceCube HQ are […]

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Already well engineered hardware

Posted by | september 2

We have started working on the investigation of sound quality and recordings for our lovely ConferenceCube. How can we optimize the quality of our sound recordings without having an over 200 person R&D department in this ‘early’ phase of our project?   We at CCube HQ are convinced we should not put effort in competing […]

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Smart pairing your Cube!

Posted by | juni 30

We @ConferenceCube continuously improve our ConferenceCube to meet our Cubers requirements and wishes. For that reason we have focused on Smart pairing with our Cubes, as you only have to pair once. When the Cube is placed within the meeting room and the participants are joining the session, pairing is done within the blink of […]

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Voiceprint what if…

Posted by | mei 4

And it always strikes me as childish logic. It’s like ‘what if we can determine Cubers by their voice?’. We can skip the camera! So let’s assume we can create a algorithm based on …. voice print of a human! Definition for the Cubers: Voice Print: A digitally recorded sample of a Cuber’s voice to […]

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Co-creating with our Cubers

Posted by | mei 4

Co-creation is not only a relevant marketing term within the IT business as of today. We @ CCube really believe in creating lovely products together with our Cubers. Actually we believe our Cubers are the only insurance we have in delivering quality products. That means you as a Cuber should let us know what we can improve. […]

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How to start our CCube Product?

Posted by | april 20

We are not in the business of inventing any wheels, so let’s compile a checklist for creating our CCube: Start with an idea: the ConferenceCube, problem definition and solution How does this fit in our Cubing strategy? Research the Cuber’s market Let’s project our research to the existing competition Now it’s time to fit the team With our […]

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CCube Internet of Things (IoT)

Posted by | april 7

On regular bases we at CCube HQ wonder what we can add to your digital life. More and more people are focused on technology in stead of keeping stuff simple. Let’s assume we know our business and why not! We believe our cubers will love ease of use and coolness. What does that mean, cool? What makes a […]

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User Interfaces nowadays

Posted by | maart 30

  Delivering good User Interfaces nowadays is getting even more interesting. As the differentiation in usage of mobile devices growths, so does the visible content and calls to action.   In the past we came up with different User Interfaces for desktop computers, which already was really hard. But looking at how our customers are using […]

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