‘s Heerenloo early feedback session!

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In 1891, the 9-year-old Geurt was the first child at ‘s Heeren Loo in Ermelo. Nowadays more than 10,000 children and adults with intellectual disabilities across the country receive healthcare and support of the ‘s Heeren Loo company. This 125 year old company is investigating ways for having/maintaining a clean-desk policy. Also, ‘s Heeren Loo wants to facilitate having paperless meetings across their 900 locations within The Netherlands.


sheerenloo_meetingroom Cuber HQ is really happy to be invited to share ideas on how meetings should be held. How new techniques and innovations can help us getting a better meeting quality. We are guiding our Cubers through the product to explain the User-Interface and to share best-pratices with them.


At the HQ we also received some really nice feedback from them on how to improve our product and how to improve our mission for SMART meetings. A big great thanks to you Cubers ToBe attending the session today and thanks again for your time.


Let’s continue working together on SMART meetings!



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