Take control over your agenda!

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Good afternoon Cubers!

We are currently working on our software development of bringing our ConferenceCube application to live. Next to that we have done some thinking about how we can let our Cubers, already with our app, take control of their agenda’s. Here are our advices based on our experience:

1. No MAS! 

MAS stands for Mindless Accept Syndrome, as stated by David Grady. We really don’t want everyone to mindless, immediately when an meeting pops up, accept meetings without knowing what you can add to it and why only and only you should participate. Why not inviting your colleague for this meeting when he has more information or knowledge about it? Focus on your own free agenda time and don’t let all these meetings take control of your life. Take your own control!

2. Forget the back-to-back meetings.

We all know it. Back-to-back meetings occur in every agenda, but actually they are soooo messing up your own stresslevel of which we think this should never happen. Because we want to be in control of our agenda and we don’t want to live only by our agenda.

Before each meeting, please add 15 minutes: ‘Cuber Preparation time’ and after each meeting add 30 minutes: ‘Cuber Follow-Up time’. This really is necessary to effectively follow up meetings and share ideas based on the meeting, but also just to prepare yourself on the conversation. A lot of people can really talk and talk and talk all day long. The question is: what have you realized when looking at it SMART? Have you really only wasted oxygen or have you produced some useful output also, otherwise you can apologize to the trees outside working so hard for the wasted oxygen.

3. Start every meeting with the Cube-In

What is this Cube-In? It means we are involved and participating in a meeting of which we want SMART results. Please ask everyone in the room to answer the following questions:

a. What is my expectation of this meeting?
b. What is the result I want out of it?
c. How am I feeling today and what is blocking me in participating in this meeting?

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